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Shot Camera



Shot Camera is an amazing tool for animators and layout artists which offers very useful features for animating cameras in easiest way possible.


Shot camera has three main features;

Shot Camera

This portion of the tool lets you animate main camera in fastest manner based on unlimited target cameras and create cuts among them very easily. sShotCamera DG node is used for this purpose and provided GUI can be used for fast interaction with the feature.

Say you have two cameras A and B respectively and you want to animate the main camera between A and B cameras back and fort. sShotCamera allows you to do that, not only you can use unlimited target cameras (such as A and B) you can also easily edit when the main camera should be active for the designated target camera by using the provided GUI.


Reticle feature of the tool allows you to add information to the camera you like. This information is visible in playblast for reviewing purposes as well. You can easily add name of the shot, name of the user, current frame or any information you see relevant to your review purposes.


Frustum is the viewing cone of the camera. This cone drawn by sShotCameraReticle node and lets you see what exactly your main camera will render even if you are looking through another camera.

Technical Features

The tool based on a plug-in which written in C++ so it's blazingly fast! Users can use the provided GUI which is a dockable custom window and developers can use provided Python API to create and edit the nodes and their behaviors without having the GUI opened.

Technical highlights are;

  • C++ plug-in (meaning fast!)
  • PySide and PyQt GUI (User can choose)
  • Extremely easy to work with
  • Extensive Python API for developers
  • Python API

DG and DAG Nodes

Shot Camera tool contains two nodes:

sShotCamera DG Node

This DG node is the node which allows master camera to follow unlimited target cameras. You can change the start time and order of the target cameras either in the attribute editor or on the custom GUI provided with the tool.

sShotCameraReticle DAG Node

This DAG node offers two main features. It shows you the actual frustum of the camera and allows user to add reticle infos on the fly. Just like sShotCamera node users can use either attribute editor or the GUI provided with the tool in order to operate on the frustum and reticle feature of the node.


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