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Ocean Box V2




Ocean Box V2 is the newer version of Ocean Box stand-alone version control application. This version of the application is cross-platform unlike the previous version which I used .Net for its development back in the day. Biggest different of this version is that, I have written it by using Qt framework. Thus, it can easily be compiled for other OS's, like Linux and Mac OSX. I used C++ language for this version as well.


This version of the application comes with Python interpreter embedded which means Python language can be effectively used in the application. Custom plug-ins can be written and loaded in the application. Plug-in API is extremely simple, even novice Python users can develop plug-ins.

It also offers commands for all functionalities of the application for shell users. Moreover, Python API allows Python developers to embed Ocean Box V2 features into other tools and applications. Ocean Box V2 comes with implementation for Autodesk Maya that has been developed by using the powerful API of the application

How It Works

Users add the files in workspace. After they decided that the files are final they submit them. This action creates initial version in depot. Whenever changes need to be done, users check related files out. With this action other users are no longer permitted to edit those files. After the changes have been completed user submits the files to depot. Just like in initial submit this action also creates new version for those changes. This action permits other users to edit those files.

Add, check out, check in, revert, submit

Add, check out, check in, revert, submit your files. Everything you would expect from a versioning system. Keep your files in order, find them whenever you need.

Keep your data as it is

Ocean Box neither store ascii files in one file nor convert files into binary files. So you keep your files as they are. You can browse them without any restriction.

Get notified

You will receive email notification whenever a file edited. So you will not miss any changes in your project.

Compare your files

Compare your files and see the differences. Regardless they versioned or not.

Easy to use

If someone uses Windows Explorer he/she can start to use Ocean Box immediately. We support learning process by providing free video tutorials.


  • Ocean Box does not require server installation. You can use your local or external hard drive or a drive in your network as depot which where the files going to be held. Install Ocean Box and start to use it immediately without any technical restriction.
  • Ocean Box does not convert your files into binary files. You can reach them, anytime, anywhere.
  • Extensive API for custom plug-in and tool development.
  • You can preview your file in the main UI.
  • See all users what they are working on.
  • Run, browse all the files.
  • Working on multiple projects is easy. Just select the project from drop down menu that you want to work on.
  • Multiple users can work on multiple projects at the same time.
  • Ocean Box comes with free support in order to make sure that our customers are %100 satisfied.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason at all.