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Storm V4



Storm V4 is the rigging and animation pipeline for Autodesk Maya which offers many tools and wide range of API classes for your rigging and animation work. It contains many DG and DAG nodes which I have written in C++ (Maya API).

All GUI’s in the pipeline written in Python language by using PyQt framework so Storm V4 offers extremely flexible interfaces to work with.

Plug-in Content

  • sMatchControlToPoly (MEL Command)
  • sMatchPoly (MEL Command)
  • sSave2DViewImage (MEL Command)
  • sSpaceSwitch (MEL Command)
  • sAsset (DAG Node)
  • sAssetTransform (DAG Node)
  • sChainBlend (DG Node)
  • sChainLock (DG Node)
  • sControl (DAG Node)
  • sFoot (DG Node)
  • sIKStretch (DG Node)
  • sLayer (DAG Node)
  • sLine (DAG Node)
  • sLocator (DAG Node)
  • sShowHideControl (DG Node)
  • sSpaceSwitch (DG Node)
  • sSplineStretch (DG Node)
  • sSquashStretch (DG Node)
  • sTransform (DG Node)
  • sTranslateStretch (DG Node)


  • Asset
  • Joint
  • Joint - Export/Import
  • Joint - Creation (Based on the mesh)
  • Joint - Rename
  • Joint - Align
  • Joint - Orient
  • Joint - Rotate Order
  • Joint - Mirror
  • Joint - Isolation (Independent linking)
  • Joint - Duplicate Chain
  • Joint - Split (Split, Return Root, Align to World)
  • Chain Control
  • Chain Blend
  • TRS Control
  • IK Rig
  • Leg Rig
  • Spine Rig
  • Space Switch
  • Chain Lock
  • IK Stretch
  • FK Stretch
  • Spline Stretch
  • Squash Stretch
  • Locator
  • Show Hide Control
  • Line
  • Low-Res
  • Ribbon


  • Map
  • Pose
  • Layer
  • Outliner
  • Export/Import
  • Options


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