I have received "Sony Pictures Entertainment Applause Award" for "Outstanding performance and lasting contribution to Sony Pictures Entertainment" based on my research & development work.

Management Skills

  • Dedicated, trustworthy team player with good attitude and communication skills.
  • Excellent skill in following:
    • Observation, scheduling, prioritizing and managing.
    • Resource allocating.
    • Problem solving, identifying and preventing issues before they occur.
    • Conducting code reviews.
    • Interviewing candidates for technical roles.
    • Mentorship.

Research & Development Skills

  • Directly responsible for designing, programming, testing, debugging, expanding, documenting, maintaining production software.
  • Able to manage large and complex software development projects.

  • Extensive experience in following:
    • Qt (C++), PyQt/PySide (Python) frameworks and C++ Maya API.
    • Scripting both Python and MEL (Maya Embedded Language).
    • Object-oriented programming and software design patterns (command, factory, singleton, etc.).
    • Dedicated API/library development in C++ and Python, which used by other software engineers and technical directors.
    • Stand-alone software, pipeline, tool and plug-in development for all aspects of VFX production pipeline.
    • Creating custom Qt widgets for proprietary applications (time slider, gantt chart, attributes, dock-main window, etc.).
    • Node based application development (i.e., Dependency Graph, Hypershade, Hypergraph in Maya).
    • Custom versioning/publishing software development (i.e., Perforce, Subversion, etc.).

  • Good Experience in following:
    • Embedding Python interpreter in C++ applications, which offers Python scripting abilities in the application (i.e., Python in Maya).
    • Extending Python in C++ (creating a new Python module, compiled shared object used by Python interpreter).
    • Native mobile app development for iOS platform with Objective-C (web service, map kit, table view, remote notification, etc.).
    • Django web development framework along with web services (REST API) in Python with data structures such as JSON and plist.
    • Databases programming such as MySQL and SQLite along with XML programming.
    • JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Html and CSS.

  • Excellent knowledge in following:
    • Principals of animation as well as VFX production pipeline both artistic and technical aspects.
    • Qt Creator, Xcode, Perforce, Doxygen, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office.
    • Linux OS, Mac OS and Windows OS.
    • Linear algebra and trigonometry.
    • Agile Software Development.
    • Cinematography.


I provide following services. Please feel free to contact me if you require more information. You can also find some research and development work that I have done in “Research & Development” page.

  • Consultation on production pipelines.
  • Stand-alone software, plug-in, tool and pipeline development in C++, Maya API, Qt, PyQt/PySide, Python and MEL.
  • Research and development for specific purposes.
  • Support for motion capture pipeline including tool and plug-in development.


Please use provided form in contact page. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also subscribe to newsletter as well.

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